Your Health

Before Medicine

Up until the last 200 years, food was mankind’s main tool for maintaining health. Beyond having enough just to survive, food choices often determined which civilizations thrived. Before medicine, having the right foods was the way elders kept their people going.

The combined experience from generations of successful survival, gave the world’s people the know-how to use food to stay healthy. Only in the last few centuries, have the rapid changes of industrialized agriculture, food production and modern medicine moved us away from our ancestors’ proven methods of using foods to stay healthy.

Prebiotics and Probiotics

Just 25 years ago in 1995, Belgian scientist Professor Marcel Roberfroid first identified and named “prebiotics”. These plant fibers that we can’t digest, are the food for the 100 trillion probiotic bacteria that live in our large intestines and which are critical to our good health.

Probiotic bacteria have been with us through the millennia. Infants receive their first probiotics during natural childbirth, then through skin contact with their mothers, from mother’s milk, and from the environments around them. And mother’s milk is the baby’s first source of prebiotic fibers. We can’t live without probiotic bacteria and they can’t live without prebiotic fibers to thrive.

Prebiotics feed your probiotics.

Your Immune System

Over 70% of your immune system’s defenses, are centered in your large intestine or “gut”. Keeping this system strong, supports your immune defenses.

leaky-gut-is-bad-bad-badThe probiotic bacteria that live here are crucial to maintaining your gut-associated lymphoid tissue or “GALT” where your lymphocyte defenders live. They support the ability to keep toxins from penetrating directly into your blood stream. And they generate short chain fatty acids which are the major energy source for gut lining cells, help control mineral transport, stabilize glucose levels, suppress cholesterol synthesis and have anti-inflammatory benefits.

One Piece of the Puzzle

good-bacteria-can-help-immunityResearch is accelerating at a rapid rate. What is becoming clear, is the importance of gut health, and the significant importance of prebiotics and our probiotic bacteria.

At Food First, we help by providing you with multiple prebiotic plant fibers in easy to enjoy products. It’s our way of giving you one key piece of the puzzle that we hope will support better health, a better lifestyle and a long full life for you and your family.